Treadmill Belt

Ace Conveyor Solutions – Treadmill Belt


Technical features

  • Production capacity – 5000 square meter/month
  • Type – PVC conveyor belt
  • Material – PVC Nylon rubberized belt
  • Inside material – fabric
  • Featured – Oil resistant, acid and alkali, tear resistant, wear resistant
  • Tensile strength – strong
  • Certificate– ISO R284
  • Thickness – 0.8 to 3mm

Physical Features

  • Limited resistant to oils, fats and solvents
  • Top conveyor has god resistant to acids, salts and basis with the exception of very strong oxidants.
  • Temperature range from -15 degree Celsius to +90 degree Celsius
  • Permanently any static, meets, belting standard ISO- R284
  • Low noise fabric on bottom side
  • Strong and flexible
  • Long life
  • 2 years warranty
  • Can be customized for any size

Treadmill belts come in varied sizes depending on the model of the treadmill and its specifications. If you are looking for a replacement treadmill belt call us. We can arrange a belt of the same size. McKoy treadmill belts help fulfill the equipment’s high demands from walking to jogging training.

  • Coating means lubricants are not always required and maximum demands on treadmill acceleration are fulfilled. Their smooth tracking prevents accidents.
  • Belt surface patterns provide ideal grip for different shoe soles, from training shoes to combat boots.
  • The excellent straight tracking, long service life and low power consumption of our treadmill belts guarantee enduring smooth and economical operation.